Case Study

ProMedica Health and Wellness Saving Caregiver’s Time Means More Time for Patients

Sylvania, Ohio, USA

The Challenge

To create an outpatient facility that increases the amount of time caregivers can spend with patients.

The Design Solution

The ProMedica Health and Wellness Center brings together 11 system physician practices from different parts of metropolitan Toledo into one location to improve patient access. The design facilitates the center’s operational model with 23 interconnected, standard clinic modules carefully planned to reduce walk times, so caregivers can spend more time with patients. Connectivity, flexibility, and connection to landscape create a healing environment. The exterior landscape extends from street to interior garden courtyards, providing four season connections to nature. Architectural and interior form, material, pattern, light, and color resonate with the contextual and cultural influences of the region. The design reflects the ProMedica brand while expressing vernacular architecture.

The Design Impact

Average overall clinical team walking distance was reduced by 36 percent, or one minute and 55 seconds per patient encounter. That’s a difference ranging from 28 minutes to more than an hour for each team during an average clinical day.

Project Features

  • 230,000 square feet (21,367 sm)
  • Three-story medical office building
  • Four season interior garden courtyard
  • 23 inter-connected, standard clinic modules
  • LEED Certification


  • 2018 The Center for Health Design, Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Award, Platinum Category
  • 2016 Healthcare Design Magazine, Honorable Mention, Healthcare Design Showcase