Case Study

Arctic Resort Concept Development Study A Strategic Vision for a New Northern Luxury Destination

Lofoten, Norway

The Challenge

Arctic tourism varies greatly from region to region depending on the site’s specific terrain, topography and accessibility. To determine the feasibility and appropriate amenity offering for a luxury resort in the Lofoten Archipelago, HKS Advisory conducted comprehensive market research and analysis.

The Design Solution

Starting with extensive research into the global Arctic tourism market, the HKS team analyzed leading hotels throughout the region. Our advisors and designers performed an analysis of the project site to determine potential amenities based on a variety of factors including travel options and opportunities for a broad range of activities. Drawing inspiration from comparative luxury resorts, we defined a specific set of hospitality offerings that would work in the remote location. Yielding a long-term strategic vision for the resort, the development study complements current and forecasted luxury tourism trends in the Artic region.

The Design Impact

Supported by HKS’ research and planning efforts, the strategic vision for the resort enabled the client group to proceed to the next stage of development and move forward with implementing their vision for this flagship project within the Norwegian Arctic.